Our technologies

Our specialists have an eye on you! Optometrists, opticians, consultants, our entire team works towards one goal: Your visual health. Enthusiastic and fascinated by their profession, our assistants in pretest rooms work in collaboration with the optometrist to highlight your beautiful eyes. We are equipped with the latest technology, that allows the optometrist to make the best eye diagnostics possible.

In a very friendly atmosphere, our optometrists meet their patients to discuss any eye or general health topic. A winning formula that allows discovering vision’s little secrets.

Heidelberg 3 Retinal Tomograph

A confocal laser imaging system used to observe anterior and posterior segments of the eye. This device allows the specialist to perform a non-evasive exam of the retina, cornea and head of the optic nerve. This tomograph consists of three modules that can work together or individually.

Glaucoma Module

The HRT 3 is the most efficient technology to assess, diagnose and treat glaucoma. It enhances the specialist’s efficiency by detecting clinically significant changes in the optic nerve head’s structure.

Retina Module

In the West, diabetic retinopathy is believed to be the most important cause of decreased visual acuity, and even blindness. This module instantly identifies and evaluates edema. It allows measuring the evolution of retinal edema with the utmost precision.

Cornea Module

This module captures images of the cornea, limbus and conjunctiva, and even allows endothelial cell count, as well as tachymetry.

OPD Scan

This device relays detailed and complete information during pre and post-surgical exams, such as: